The Man That Stays.

Thank you My Love.

The biggest disadvantage in my life is loving temporary people permanently. I’ve done this my entire life with not just loved ones but also romantic relationships and friendships.

Friends excite me. I experience this enjoyment in meeting new people, hearing their stories, and the connection that follows. You know that feeling when you really click with someone, and you want to experience everything with this new friend?! That is me. And, I come on way too strong. Every time. It’s like I stick a fork in a light socket – it’s explosive, bright, and exciting – until all power is lost and I’m left alone sitting in the dark.

So, when I decided to try yet again with love and marriage, most people thought I was crazy. Today as we continue our adventure in this life, I’m certain God provided me with a man equipped to handle all things Jess.

The love of a lifetime is worth at least a million tries. I still believe this. Now, let me preface this by saying, no, I don’t think he loved me enough for the both of us or that I think someone has the capability of loving us back to being whole or normal. But what I am saying is that while I was learning what real love was and commitment meant, what it entailed, and the seriousness of my vows made to him – I also saw the person in myself that he was choosing to love each day.

This is a letter to my husband –

Broken women, run. We do, and often without notice or even our knowledge. It is second nature to leave before being left. The thought of being valued, appreciated, and wanted is unimaginable. And, the desire to find a man to love you when you are still learning to love yourself runs deep. We want to be loved, accepted, and chased – yep, chased. This cat and mouse game, much like Christian Grey, plays with Anastasia with the “come here” invites and the sabotaging “no stay away” soon to follow.

That is a whole heck-of-a-lot of baggage for one man. Yet you picked up each of my bags and built a home with me. You helped me unpack, sort, and discard the items that I no longer needed to travel with – because my traveling days were over unless they included you. When my stubborn streaks and independence were full of “I don’t need you” and “I can do it all on my own,” – you stepped back and let me do just that. And patiently waited for me to come to terms with the beauty of wanting a partner and wanting the help – not needing it.

When my days crumble and go to crap, and nothing makes sense, you let me collapse into your lap, sink my face into the side of your neck, and cry, piss and moan or pout. When my hormones are out of whack, and I am throwing a tantrum that makes a two-year-old jealous – you don’t engage. When my actions are full of quit, and you see that I am preparing for you to do the same, you don’t. When my words and actions make zero sense, or I am flat out being a pain in the butt, you have no problem telling me to “cut the crap!” And, then try kissing me. It is super weird; you are super weird – but I love that.

If we argue – it’s quick. Mostly because my memory is shot – but still. If we disagree – we talk it out and then agree that I was right – okay, okay – mostly right. You laugh at my corny jokes and love that I get mushy over hallmark movies. You make goofy snap chat and tiktok videos with me and retake pictures until my double chin doesn’t show. You watch the Real Housewives and This is Us with me too – and possibly when I am not in the room. You let my daughter, now your daughter, paint your toes that one time, remember? Oh, and do you remember that time you dressed up as Olaf for Halloween? Yep, you are that man, that husband – that makes his wife happy. That matters, you know, more than you realize.

You tell me I am beautiful without even looking at me – which at first bothered me because I thought beauty was visually pleasing. Until the day I was un-showered, hair thrown up in a messy bun, zero makeup – probably looking all kinds of unkempt – and you looked me in the eyes, pulled me close, and told me, “I’m so in love with you, and you are so beautiful.” It was then that it clicked, you see me differently. You see me with love.

You stepped in as a father, a coach, a friend, and support for my children. You’ve been reminded you are not their father and then loved and chosen as being their father. You’ve gifted me another son and afforded my heart the ability to stretch even bigger than I imagined it could. You showed me the beauty of understanding and the meaning of my vows. Love doesn’t always make sense. But it always makes a choice. It chooses to give the benefit of the doubt. It decides to trust. It chooses to listen, care and hope. Most of all, love chooses to STAY. Sometimes I wonder if you were dropped on your head as a child because that is the only explainable reason you could love me as much as you do. (Please remind me to thank your parents next time I see them for possibly being inattentive if they did drop you)

You are the man that chose the remaining pieces left over. The scraps, if you will. It’s incredible the sustenance and substance you can find in what someone else discarded. I’ve learned commitment from you. I’ve learned unconditional love from you. I’ve learned what a real, godly, and faith-driven marriage is from you. And, I love you entirely and endlessly, thank you for loving and choosing me every day.

Happy Dating Anniversary Every Year on May 18th, Your Forever Girlfriend and Always Wife.

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