Other People’s Shoes – Podcast

Today... an interview I did for a podcast went live. I don't think my heart has left my stomach since. It is hard to share our testimony or past truths of things we've experienced sometimes and this was no different. Neil was given the floor to ask whatever he wanted and I ensured that I … Continue reading Other People’s Shoes – Podcast


If you love Jesus, you need to love like Jesus.

We all talk about how Jesus ate with sinners, yet we choose which sinners we invite to our tables. We categorize the sins that are common to our own because those are more comfortable. We are all actively sinning each day. If not out of our mouths, then in our thoughts and our hearts. Yes, even you and me.

Feel however you want about me, but feel it for yourself.

So, if you're sitting at someone's house and you've got that pit in your stomach because you just don't feel accepted, or welcome...trust me girl, grab your cute little striped hey dudes you left by the door, and get the heck out off there now. Yes, I know they just poured you a margarita, with salt on the rim, but hear me when I say, that vulnerable moment you'll have which prompts you to share "anything" on drink two... it's already shared with someone who isn't even there. That's why there is a pit in your stomach to begin with. Good friends, and kind people; pits don't accompany them. Growth, sunlight, warmth and happiness surround them, those are your people.

Quit Judging!

Trust me when I say that in my younger years of stupidity I was judgmental with unrealistic expectations. My preconceived notions of how I would wear and walk in anyone else's shoes better or differently than they had were obnoxious. Especially when I was walking with my shoes on the wrong feet, to begin with, or barefoot even. Fast forward to forty-year-old, heavily flawed me, and while my shoes are now at least on the right foot, I just love walking next to anyone who doesn't have it figured out, who has lost their way and maybe even a shoe or two. Those are my people.


When you listen to someone detesting anything, very firmly and feeling that their convictions are backed by the bible, and God - it is frightening to say you've sinned in the same way. As I heard the way he spoke and thought of this woman, the very thought to say - I'm just like her, made me nervous, but I knew it was necessary for me to be obedient to my promise to God, to be a vessel and share his grace and forgiveness in my life.