Two P’s in a Poop

I got suckered in. That is how it happened. I’m sure the same has happened to you as you scroll through your newsfeed on Facebook and some silly post catches your eye. For me, it was - - type your name into Google with “is a” after it and see what comes up. Clearly I… Continue reading Two P’s in a Poop

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Dads are kind-of Awesome!

Dad verses mom appears to be an easy win for Moms, right? You'd think it would be a slam dunk because we are natural multi-taskers, nurturers, nurses, teachers, homemakers, maids, etc. I mean, come on, we literally do it all! Or, do we? We can tease them and share random facts which are absolutely true… Continue reading Dads are kind-of Awesome!

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The truth is…we lie.

I think I speak for most parents when I say we are pretty damn near perfect! I mean, who are we kidding here? If we do lie, it is completely for your own good and protection... or is it? Okay, so the truth is we do tell white lies to our children in hopes to… Continue reading The truth is…we lie.

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Grocery Store Friendships…

I'm not perfect - but luckily neither is anyone else, right?! Truth is, sometimes I think I am right - or smarter - or better and I suppose at times that's possible - but sometimes it's not. You know the girl, who hangs back - who doesn't interact and is more of an observer? The… Continue reading Grocery Store Friendships…