Your real talk about blended families is so refreshing! I appreciate your vulnerability to post such things!

Jen M.

Jessica is an amazing author! She writes about where she is at in life with a passion that inspires you. She shares what inspires her with honesty and doesn’t pull punches. Her posts are inspiring, eye-opening, and something I always look forward to!

Shannon Miller

Jessica’s blog and writing serves as a good reminder that there are kind, thoughtful people still in the world.

Jennifer Hall

“I cannot begin to express how meaningful Jessica’s posts and blog are to me. Each one speaks to me on such personal levels, and her perspective shines a new light on those topics that are difficult. She shares the raw, emotional, and her insights on how her walk with Christ has changed her life. She has no problem baring her deepest darkest moments in her life because she always shares her triumphs along with them. Her words of wisdom have given me strength and encouragement, even in my worst moments. Her posts always seem to come at just the right time. I will literally say a prayer for some insight or guidance and low and behold her post will appear. I have no doubt who is answering my questions and prayers through Jessica.”


Gwen Aquilar

“Totally Jessifiable is a TRUE blessing to me. On days I need to hear something positive or a reminder that I am loved by our Lord, her post finds it’s way to my heart. Thank you, Jess, your words are an inspiration.”

Wendy Miller-Jackson