Life was good but it got better

I love how God speaks to my heart in the moments of surrendering during worship. God laid these words on my heart today, “Life was good, but it got better.” This past week I’ve been questioning how we share the importance of Jesus with people whose lives are good. It is easy to share Jesus with people whose lives are falling apart and feel the need of being saved, or when someone needs reminded they are not alone. But what about when for the most part life is good? When there isn’t an obvious need, or problem to fix?

Just before God spoke this to me, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man worshipping with arms raised with all he had. Imagine my heart swelling when I realized it was my husband. This man is stubborn and hard-headed but he loves his family and God so completely. When we first started attending church our hands never left our sides during worship, ever. We’d sing along but there wasn’t an outward expression of all that the Holy Spirit was doing inside us. That eventually changed with me but he remained more private with his relationship with Jesus. He explained to me once that just because I couldn’t see it, didn’t mean it wasn’t strong on the inside. For over a year this man who I love more every day has prayed daily over me, our marriage and our children and it shows. Our life was good, but it got better.

As worship continued and the call for prayer needed was offered, there we were, my husband and I praying together as a couple over others. The thought still brings tears to my eyes. It isn’t even this monumental thing, except it is. It is proof that God can use anyone and that when he is invited into your relationships and marriages, and given priority – lives change. We both have pasts that gave us every reason to never try love again, and to honestly continue to fail. However, we refused to let curses continue creating reasons for excuses. We all have “crutches” in life we could use if we want, but we also have the ability to toss those aside and walk without them. We can let the enemy whisper lies of what we need, or we can listen when God says, “lean on me, I will supply all you need.” My husband was already a good man, but when he chose to let God supply what we needed, he got better.

Maybe that is what it is, a choice for good or better? When we are living for the world, life can be good and that can be enough for some. We began and married that way actually. We fell in love that way. However, I know the past two years of us walking faithfully and obediently where Jesus’ leads us has made our life, marriage, family, and who we are as people, better. I don’t pretend to have it all figured out but I do know that when it comes to salvation and knowing Jesus, life gets better. My hearts prayer is that you trade in your choice of good for better so you can sit back in awe and watch how God moves in your life when you let him lead.

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