The Disqualified Christian

Our pasts can sometimes feel like shackles around our ankles weighing us down with shame, regret and fear of others thoughts and judgement. We all have a past, and we all have something we would prefer to never discuss again. However, avoiding and even minimizing is doing more damage than our past ever could. True healing leads to freedom, and we can’t heal what we are fearful of revealing, and neither can God. Your past does not disqualify you and you are never too far gone. God is never further than your voice can speak his name. Join myself and hundreds of others searching for acceptance, healing and salvation but believing the lies that their past disqualifies them. Release the shame, you are still not disqualified.

Intro: You’re not disqualified.

In a world heavy -laden with competition, one-uppers and an insatiable desire to discredit or disqualify anyone that is disliked, misunderstood or written off by unpopular opinion – now more than ever you need to know the truth. God doesn’t disqualify sinners, people with a past or imperfect Christians. Read More


Being divorced again rocked me to my core. All I wanted was a family and it caused me to hide from God, I was humiliated and shameful. It would take me some time before I realized that I didn’t need to hide what he already knew. Read More

Lust, Infidelity and Aldultery

God will not send you anything or anyone that you must sin to have -. A married person is not yours, and if you are married, someone else is not yours either. Trust me, I understand the deceitful passion, the misleading and fictitious feeling of need. The feeling that this person must have been made for you or they wouldn’t be in front of you right now. That is the devil – not God. Read More


We need to remember that church is a hospital, everyone there is needing healing in some manner or another. We all have wounds, scrapes and scars – those are reminders of our mistakes, our imperfections and what leads to humility and acceptance. They are pieces of our testimony which are meant to draw people in, to encourage them in having a closer relationship with God, and understanding his mercy and forgiveness. Read More


When you listen to someone detesting anything, very firmly and feeling that their convictions are backed by the bible, and God – it is frightening to say you’ve sinned in the same way. As I heard the way he spoke and thought of this woman, the very thought to say – I’m just like her, made me nervous, but I knew it was necessary for me to be obedient to my promise to God, to be a vessel and share his grace and forgiveness in my life. Read More


God wants you to know that you are not disqualified, that he never compares you to anyone else because he created you to be set apart and unique on purpose. There is not a person, career, monetary amount, sin or any other factor that can disqualify you for his love and purpose. God is not in the business of crushing dreams or hearts, he is in the business of crushing us into position to bear the fruit he planned for the purpose of his glory. There is no glory in heartache, only in love and multiplication. Read More