I never…words from a bio/step mom that hit home.

This morning I received a letter from a fan of my Facebook page named Bobbie Ann Phillips and as I read it I knew instantly this needed to be read by all of you. This is her story and its an honest account of how it feels, of what we don't expect, our fears and… Continue reading I never…words from a bio/step mom that hit home.


Tough moms blend with the lid off!

Okay, so it is hard... it really is. And, honestly if you haven’t thought to yourself “What the hell am I doing here, or dealing with this for?” at least once, you aren't doing it right. Stepping into, or welcoming someone into a blended family - is much more than just another pound of ground… Continue reading Tough moms blend with the lid off!

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Two by two, what I wanted for you.

Two things, that’s all I really hoped my kids would be blessed with - because with those two things they could conquer the world. One thing I wanted most for my children was for them to have a mother, an involved mother, someone who made time for them, whose hugs healed any pain, and whose… Continue reading Two by two, what I wanted for you.

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And I created that..well half anyhow.

Laying in our overstuffed chair with my now almost eight year old son, and ten year old daughter - my mind wanders. How did they grow so tall, their legs so long, their fingers and hands so big. It seems like just yesterday, there were still protected within my belly - and now their live,… Continue reading And I created that..well half anyhow.



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Inspired by the movie: Lifted When all feels wrong and the road to happiness too far gone When the load feels to heavy to bear Know there is someone always there When you feel alone, like no one can ever understand and then you reach out to find, there is no helping hand When you… Continue reading Know…

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What I want him to know…

One day without much notice this little blonde hair baby came totting into my home. Barely able to walk on your own, you were holding your daddy’s hand.  My life changed in that moment, almost the same as when you hear the words “you’re pregnant”. Except in my case, I didn’t have nine months to… Continue reading What I want him to know…