I’m not a mom group type of mom

Let me preface this with saying there are many moms I love and adore - and genuinely enjoy spending time with. However, a group of cliquey moms, that is an entirely different story. I'm a writer which means I am always thinking - if you could see the cyclone of words, ideas, thoughts memories etc., … Continue reading I’m not a mom group type of mom


The truth is…we lie.

I think I speak for most parents when I say we are pretty damn near perfect! I mean, who are we kidding here? If we do lie, it is completely for your own good and protection... or is it? Okay, so the truth is we do tell white lies to our children in hopes to … Continue reading The truth is…we lie.

The “Theys” say…

You always hear people say "They say this, or They say that", and I often wonder who this they person is and how exactly they know so dang much! Truth is, I am a they and you are too. One of the biggest things "they say" is to write what you know...which according to my … Continue reading The “Theys” say…

Attention world…I am now an awarded StepMom!

In case you weren't already convinced of my Step-Mom awesomeness - this AWARD now proves it! Today after meeting with my publisher with the list of oh so many things to do, I received the Laine Blogger Award from a wonderful fellow blogging Mom,  Mom-Spirational, and for a second I was reminded how great I must actually be! … Continue reading Attention world…I am now an awarded StepMom!