Ditch the Shame.

So many people are stuck in this “show” life. They are always “on”, they always have it figured out and they are always “fine.” They are the quiet, strong type, but to me, strong is not quiet. Strong is loud. Strong is honest. Strength is raw and original. We are failing by setting the example … More Ditch the Shame.

Well, bitch away!

This post is dedicated to Allie who sent me this text, I’m sure she will love taking the credit for my diarrhea of the mouth, for your reading pleasure.  Patience tested √ Give a damn busted √ Over ev.er.y.thing and e.v.e.r.y.one! √ Job sucks √ Money sucks √ People suck √ Trapped in life √ … More Well, bitch away!

Baby Gracie,

The other day while looking at pictures of you I came across a letter I wrote when I was pregnant with you. It was full of hope and making every promise any mother intends to keep to their child. However, I promised you something that was necessary to myself, and not common; I promised to … More Baby Gracie,