Wait, awareness costs $10?

Before the ALS IceBucket Challenge, if you had asked myself, or my family what ALS was, we would not have known the answer.In our home, it was something we saw our friends and family doing on Facebook, and something we had seen our favorite baseball players doing, and then our favorite musicians and actors, and… Continue reading Wait, awareness costs $10?


Well, bitch away!

This post is dedicated to Allie who sent me this text, I'm sure she will love taking the credit for my diarrhea of the mouth, for your reading pleasure.  Patience tested √ Give a damn busted √ Over and! √ Job sucks √ Money sucks √ People suck √ Trapped in life √… Continue reading Well, bitch away!

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Okay, you be the Mom and I will be the kid!

I’m willing to venture a guess that almost any adult would choose to go back to being a child in a heartbeat. No bills, less stress, maybe do better in school the second time around and ENJOY those naps! I mean, life for our kids these days is just so hard, they get bored, they… Continue reading Okay, you be the Mom and I will be the kid!

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If I could have a word with you

One of the most vital parts of being a parent is making mistakes. Mistakes are what causes growth and results in lessons and ultimately change. On a daily basis I make mistakes and there are times I lay awake at night reviewing those, and how I made them, why I made them – and how… Continue reading If I could have a word with you

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KIDS…down right hilarious!

Eathen, age 7 Some of the best parts about being a parent is witnessing the honesty, the innocence and the down right hilarious statements that come from our children's mouths. They often happen in times that may leave us a tad embarrassed, or in moments when we as parents really needed to laugh...or at quiet… Continue reading KIDS…down right hilarious!

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Baby Gracie,

The other day while looking at pictures of you I came across a letter I wrote when I was pregnant with you. It was full of hope and making every promise any mother intends to keep to their child. However, I promised you something that was necessary to myself, and not common; I promised to… Continue reading Baby Gracie,

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Note to the younger me…

  Be patient for the man that understands and expects for your children to come first. Wait for the man that grabs your hand and slow dances with you in the kitchen, to music he sings or hums. Invest in the man that never questions your worth, and makes time for you without you requesting… Continue reading Note to the younger me…