Feel however you want about me, but feel it for yourself.

So, if you're sitting at someone's house and you've got that pit in your stomach because you just don't feel accepted, or welcome...trust me girl, grab your cute little striped hey dudes you left by the door, and get the heck out off there now. Yes, I know they just poured you a margarita, with salt on the rim, but hear me when I say, that vulnerable moment you'll have which prompts you to share "anything" on drink two... it's already shared with someone who isn't even there. That's why there is a pit in your stomach to begin with. Good friends, and kind people; pits don't accompany them. Growth, sunlight, warmth and happiness surround them, those are your people.



We need to remember that church is a hospital, everyone there is needing healing in some manner or another. We all have wounds, scrapes and scars - those are reminders of our mistakes, our imperfections and what leads to humility and acceptance. They are pieces of our testimony which are meant to draw people in, to encourage them in having a closer relationship with God, and understanding his mercy and forgiveness.