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Not your typical sports physical…

This past week, I took my daughter Grace for a sports physical/well child exam. (apparently insurance providers are kinder to you if its simply a well child exam) I’m guessing a case of karma may have bitten Grace’s nerves since she had to wait in the hall during her brothers physical last year. Which she… Continue reading Not your typical sports physical…

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Okay, you be the Mom and I will be the kid!

I’m willing to venture a guess that almost any adult would choose to go back to being a child in a heartbeat. No bills, less stress, maybe do better in school the second time around and ENJOY those naps! I mean, life for our kids these days is just so hard, they get bored, they… Continue reading Okay, you be the Mom and I will be the kid!

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Dads are kind-of Awesome!

Dad verses mom appears to be an easy win for Moms, right? You'd think it would be a slam dunk because we are natural multi-taskers, nurturers, nurses, teachers, homemakers, maids, etc. I mean, come on, we literally do it all! Or, do we? We can tease them and share random facts which are absolutely true… Continue reading Dads are kind-of Awesome!

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The truth is…we lie.

I think I speak for most parents when I say we are pretty damn near perfect! I mean, who are we kidding here? If we do lie, it is completely for your own good and protection... or is it? Okay, so the truth is we do tell white lies to our children in hopes to… Continue reading The truth is…we lie.

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KIDS…down right hilarious!

Eathen, age 7 Some of the best parts about being a parent is witnessing the honesty, the innocence and the down right hilarious statements that come from our children's mouths. They often happen in times that may leave us a tad embarrassed, or in moments when we as parents really needed to laugh...or at quiet… Continue reading KIDS…down right hilarious!


Two hours, my over-thinking and a clean house later.

Glancing at the clock on the computer I see it is 12:30 – holy crap, the kids will be out of school at 1:45 today – its Wednesday and early release – and I haven’t cleaned the house. Setting the computer down on the floor in front of me, I jump up in a mad… Continue reading Two hours, my over-thinking and a clean house later.

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I’m a sexy jerk and I know it

Last week, Blogger Idol's -following at home blog entry- was about traditions, and I thought that was easy enough. This week, we are to write about a day in the life of  ourselves as the opposite sex. Man - should this day be easy - literally.    Rolling over and smacking the snooze button on… Continue reading I’m a sexy jerk and I know it