Walk all over me, please.

You are welcome to exit my life, at any given moment. The door is always open for you to do so. Rarely will I hold it for you as you exit, or lock it behind you, but I will most assuredly not prevent you from walking out of it. Your life, if you choose to have me in it, will get easier once you understand I am who I am. And, I love her. I love what I fight for, what I believe in, and who I believe in. And, if you're in my life that includes you.


Top Step-Parent Blog!

We were, or I guess...I was nominated by someone, somewhere for my blog. It was entered into a Step-parenting contest with fifty...yes 50! other stepparents who share the same passion as I do. And...we ranked in at #5! How fantastic is that? And, how do you thank someone that you have no idea who they … Continue reading Top Step-Parent Blog!

And the award goes to…ME! and you and you too.

After a day of feeling like my blog only existed to rid me of stress - I was informed I won a blogging award called the Liebster Award - which is an award from bloggers to bloggers - which I like! Having received this from Stef over at Momspirational, it is necessary to let anyone know that … Continue reading And the award goes to…ME! and you and you too.

How do they do it?

It would make me feel better if the only successful writers were over 40, because that's when the kids are grown and gone. My life has consisted of my children and my dream, there has only been one dream and it has never died - its a nagging reminder that everyday I fail. Looking around me I … Continue reading How do they do it?

Attention world…I am now an awarded StepMom!

In case you weren't already convinced of my Step-Mom awesomeness - this AWARD now proves it! Today after meeting with my publisher with the list of oh so many things to do, I received the Laine Blogger Award from a wonderful fellow blogging Mom,  Mom-Spirational, and for a second I was reminded how great I must actually be! … Continue reading Attention world…I am now an awarded StepMom!