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Well there is no hiding it now.

Imagine my surprise while Twitter alerted me that had tweeted a link to me. Of course I click on it, and too my surprise and almost embarrassment - there is my story. There is my story, and there is my name. There was no hiding from this now, it was out there. I had… Continue reading Well there is no hiding it now.

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Am I a product of Reverse Psychology?

Is it possible I get nothing from my family but reverse psychology? Is it possible that every lesson I have learned in how to be who I am -- was solely by watching them be who they should not have been? Do you ever feel as if you do not have a place, a place of… Continue reading Am I a product of Reverse Psychology?



READ & SHAREMust Read and Must Share if you are a parent! Don't allow a simple mistake to cost you or a loved one a child's life. This is heart-wrenching and true portrayal of a preventable death. Secure your furniture - Secure your child's safety.

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Heartbreak – Reality of being JUST a Step-Mom.

When you truly realize you are JUST a step-mom, your heart will break. It will feel like you have lost all control, all sense of function and almost as if you've lost a child. Once you realize or are even possibly smacked in the face with it - it will feel like a shock, like… Continue reading Heartbreak – Reality of being JUST a Step-Mom.

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Inspired by the movie: Lifted When all feels wrong and the road to happiness too far gone When the load feels to heavy to bear Know there is someone always there When you feel alone, like no one can ever understand and then you reach out to find, there is no helping hand When you… Continue reading Know…

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She can’t be that bad – Meeting the Ex-wife

    Listening to my husband explain about his ex when we were dating really went in one ear and out the other. You see, I was divorced, and I knew the dad's side of things and my side of things. Many people disliked me because of the dad's side which was so far from the truth… Continue reading She can’t be that bad – Meeting the Ex-wife

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Nothing like you…

Today, is one of those days when I find myself wondering what exactly was done to me to make me the way I am. Afraid to trust, needing control, terrified to lose love, to gain it, undeserving of it even. I know it stems from him, and it makes me hate him, and it makes… Continue reading Nothing like you…