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Nine secrets your spouse’s ex may not tell you.

Do you have an ex in your life, which makes your life hell? Does it feel like even though your spouse got divorced, that they are still married? Would it surprise you to find out that you put up with more than you have to, simply because the ex says you do? Below are nine… Continue reading Nine secrets your spouse’s ex may not tell you.

Marriage & Divorce

Well there is no hiding it now.

Imagine my surprise while Twitter alerted me that had tweeted a link to me. Of course I click on it, and too my surprise and almost embarrassment - there is my story. There is my story, and there is my name. There was no hiding from this now, it was out there. I had… Continue reading Well there is no hiding it now.

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Five stepfamily myths – busted!

  Myths:∗Don’t be a Mom, be their friend∗Don’t be the disciplinarian∗Stepchildren should be allowed to misbehave∗It is easier without the other parents involvement.∗You will eventually grow to love them, and they will love you.Chances are, if you are a stepparent, you've had these said to you by either a successful stepparent whose life is perfect… Continue reading Five stepfamily myths – busted!

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Divorce & the StepMom

Have you ever awoke from a dream that was so intense and real that your heart breaks as you open your eyes? I dreamt about him again, and its such a double edged sword because even though for the duration of the dream we're together again, there is always the waking up that rips him… Continue reading Divorce & the StepMom

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From highlight reel to extended scenes…you deserve better.

I've always settled for “okay” love, “momentary” love, material love and graciousness, you know the kind, that when you buy someone something they really want - you then become the best thing that has ever happened to them, that isn't real love. We are raised with such convoluted ideals of what is expected, normal and… Continue reading From highlight reel to extended scenes…you deserve better.

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Loving yourself – Invites Love in.

Yesterday after sharing my feelings about a certain someone special to my friend, she wrote me something that really made me think. She wrote : “You are an inspiration Jessica. I love how you may have had ups and downs, but you aren't afraid to continue to love! I am more than happy for you… Continue reading Loving yourself – Invites Love in.

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And so it begins…

It would take awhile to explain how I am to the point of this newest chapter - and as much as I would love to clear the air and set the record straight sort to speak, it is best that I give my marriage the respect it deserves as to the ins and outs of… Continue reading And so it begins…