Jess the facts ma’am

Mom to three teenagers, Wife, StepMom, Blogger & Friend. Occasionally crass, always outspoken and often blunt to a fault. It is just who I am.

I don’t know how many times in my life I thought I had it figured out. Then in the blink of an eye, I’m starting from scratch. I’ve worn many hats, mom, step-mom, wife, ex-wife, girlfriend and so on, and all of which I have found joy in. This page covers single life, dating life, dating with kids, divorce, custody, in laws, insecurity, self esteem, anything and everything woman, and how to rebuild your strength and dignity.

Totally Jessifiable is a blog that is unapologetic-ally confident. It is bold, honest and thrives from the mistakes and hardships that life has wrapped with a sparkling bow, and a gift tag that reads “I have lived it, conquered it – and so can you.” This blog takes life and mixes in humor, lessons, advice, and invokes an emotion in anyone who reads it. It creates self-empowerment, confidence, humility, self respect and a sisterhood among the readers who have felt alone in the struggles of the parenting, step-parenting and simply being a woman.

Using both humor and realism I write in hopes of being a small light in a dark room, an encouraging voice in a time of despair, and an example of how failing is sometimes the only way to truly prevail. A self-proclaimed fabulous warning lacking of an actual degree or expertise – she leads by example and experience.


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