A prayer for the quiet leader.

Do you know the woman at church who hides a little? The quiet leader. 

The one whose smile, laugh, and personality is a visual business card when she opens up. 

The one who after a few minutes of spending time with, rejuvenates your soul. 

The one everyone wants to get to know but keeps to herself. 

The one whose giftings are top-notch but she doesn’t always see it that way. 

This prayer is for her. 

Father God, I thank you for this woman. I thank you for all the ways you made her unique. Please wrap her in your love as you pour into her abundantly a feeling of worth and confidence. I pray anxious thoughts never consume her mind. I pray for hope, healing, and love over every aspect of her life. Lord, I pray she never questions the purpose and calling you’ve placed on her heart and that she steps into it boldly without hesitation and with excitement for what you’ll do through her next. I pray for freedom, breakthrough, and supernatural guidance in every area that keeps her hidden. She is your house on a hill, and when her light goes out, we are all at a loss. 

I thank you that her desire to serve YOU far outweighs her desire to be seen and thanked by others. Reignite her, Refresh her and Replenish her, Lord, in every way necessary for her to continue walking with you and leading others to you. 

We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

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