I woke up this morning and read my devotional. When I finished reading, it prompted and asked what God showed me through the message. I felt him thanking me. I can’t say I have felt that before. Is that bold of me to believe he would thank me? I don’t think so.

I felt him leaning into me like a good friend would and saying, “Thank you for sharing me with others. Thank you for boldly sharing my word, my heart for people, and the grace you’ve received through me.” It was this sweet moment between friends and my heart filled with joy. I consider God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to be my friend, the kind of friend who loves, listens, holds me accountable, corrects me when necessary, and pushes me when I need it. He is a good, good father, but he also calls me his friend.

I used to shy away from talking about God because he could find his way into any topic or story, and I was losing my edge, my humorous side, the side that set me apart and made me Jess. I feared I would lose friends because my life shifted from worldly focus to Godly focus, and I didn’t want to be a bible thumper – though I wanted to share the bible and the love of God. It is a hard adjustment to navigate, and honestly, sometimes I fall back into the always accepting worldly Jess – that’s the flesh in me, the human and imperfect me. I don’t stay in that place for as long these days, though.

We have no issue sharing about a great new restaurant to visit,  a boutique to shop at, what our gym workouts entail – heck, even that person who was nasty to you at the local grocery store. But God, he stays hidden! He is tucked away, quietly and privately, in your heart. That isn’t all bad; it is beautiful in its way– however, taking a step of faith, sharing the good news of his word,  and that he is with us always isn’t a suggestion; it is a command. A duty. An honor.

All the parts that make up Jess, that make me me, don’t fall to the wayside because I talk about God, how Jesus saved me or how the Holy Spirit flows through me – it highlights them. Growing up, I had the nickname Salt because I was blonde, and my cousin, a brunette, had the nickname Pepper. Imagine my heart swelling the first time I read Matthew 5:13-16 and understood what Salt & Light encompassed,  that Salt means to “deliberately seek to influence the people in one’s life by showing them the unconditional love of Christ through good deeds.” This promise was spoken over my life without even realizing it. Why would I ever choose to deny that blessing?

So, now, I talk about God all the time, mainly because I see his hand in everything, tragedies and blessings alike, and if I can’t, I work hard until I can. It gives me peace, a better understanding of Christ, a better heart, and love for others, and a reason to share it all with you. Much like the candy cane on the Christmas Tree at work. A public place, a shared tree, his beautiful message for all to see.

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