We got married on New Year’s Eve. In our living room, wearing slippers.

Fuzzy leopard slippers no less. When I look back at photos of the night I married my best friend, I can’t help but smile. For as long as I can remember I wanted to get married at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Is there anything more romantic?! There is something about the excitement behind whoever you kiss at midnight being who you spend the next year with. Which meant if you married at midnight and sealed the vow with a kiss, you’d spend all your years together.

Both of us having been divorced were well versed in those vows not holding weight or sealing much of anything. However, as we dated we both taught each other what commitment looked like, felt like, sounded like and meant. This time around we wanted a different outcome, and when that is your goal, changes are a necessity. To be honest I think we both felt as though we were unlovable and unwanted when we first met.

Our Living Room

Neither of us had any intention of marriage and that was the last thing I needed to try once again. We were friends though, at first. I remember my daughter being upset when I said I was going to date my now-husband. She said, “mom, that is gross he is your best friend, you can’t date your best friend!” and she was really upset about that. Little did she know that him being my best friend is exactly what I needed. That and a whole lot of time.

We dated just shy of a year before living together, and three years before he proposed in the snow with the help of our kiddos. Then I waited a year of being engaged before we were married. Four years of our seven years together were dating and learning about what committing to not just each other, but to our children meant. And, that was the best decision for us.

Finishing Touches

We invited a few of those closest to us and decided to turn our living room into a ceiling to floor billowing ivory chiffon dream. Beneath the chiffon, our normally plain walls were covered in lights to add to the ambiance. I found a beautiful chandelier and with the help of friends and family, we pulled together all the little Pinterest ideas my heart could handle. It was nothing fancy, just love. Beautifully simple love.

Home sweet chapel.

My son and daughter stood beside me, and his son stood beside him and at about a quarter to midnight, we shared vows that held more meaning and love than ever uttered by either of us before. We counted down with our friends to midnight and shared our forever kiss under our overstock chandelier, in my $20 Ross Dress For Less dress, wearing slippers in our very own living room. My heart was finally home.

A love of a lifetime is worth at least a million tries and this love is priceless.

2 thoughts on “We got married on New Year’s Eve. In our living room, wearing slippers.

  1. Nothing better than marrying your best friend. I remember being 14 yrs old meeting Victor and never thinking that he would be the one. I do however remember that after we met I always wanted to be with him. Strange for a 14yr old heart to feel. We tried dating at 15 and through teenage drama broke up just as quickly. I went on to a terrible relationship which resulted in getting pregnant with my daughter and thankfully without her father. I saw all my friends disappear because I was pregnant and not much fun to hang around, except Victor. He always came to see me. My heart would catch everytime he knocked on my door. My feelings for him were so strong but I couldn’t tell him. I settled for best friend. How could I confess my love without it looking like I needed a daddy for my baby. 17 and not too bright. Got myself a new boyfriend and I thought he was the one. Met him in a different state and found out his father lived right down the road from me in California. Alas it wasn’t meant to be. I was too city girl for his country boy mentality and considered too fast and reckless haha. The day he broke up with me is the day I drove to Victor’s work and decided to kiss him and confess my love. Best decision of my life. We went through a lot of trials and tribulations in a short time and almost didn’t make it. Being 19 and 20 with two babies is a lot to handle. Yet here we are this March will mark 30 yrs of marriage. So tell your beautiful daughter that marrying your best friend is the only way to go. Here’s why. You don’t always like or love your spouse at times, but you always seem to love your best friend and the thought of not having your best friend in life is reason enough to fight to keep your marriage together.


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