Intro: TDC

In a world heavy -laden with competition, one-uppers and an insatiable desire to discredit or disqualify anyone that is disliked, misunderstood or written off by unpopular opinion – now more than ever you need to know the truth. God doesn’t disqualify sinners, people with a past or imperfect Christians. He actually seeks them, dines with them and loves them.

Every person has a past and as I’ve matured I realized that no one is perfect, that no one has it easy and that just because their life path looks different, more affluent, privileged etc. it does not make them more favorable in the eyes of God. He loves us all just as we are.

My heart has always been with the lost, the ones with difficult backstories and the ones who suffer in silent pain or shame. Those are my people. Having a past made it easy to believe the lies from the enemy, other people who didn’t wish me well and even myself that I was disqualified. This set in motion a life lost in proving myself to others, seeking approval and gaining my worth through the wrong people.

Have you ever sat by and watched someone else succeed? Clapping while someone else lived your dream? My senior quote in our yearbook was by Will Rogers and read “We can’t all be heroes, because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by” and when you hear the saying speak your life into existence, that is exactly what I did. I started off disqualifying myself from the beginning.

And, I want to save you the heartache by telling you that you are not disqualified either.

-Beautiful Smile to hide the Pain

I saw a saying the other day that read “PSA: Please don’t tell people how to heal from something you’ve never been through” and that was so good. And, exactly why I started writing. I wanted to make people see that with me you are not alone. That in so many scenarios, I have been there and I do get it. That you are not unworthy, and that God still chooses you.

Over the next week, I am going to cover topics, hot button topics that not only make us uncomfortable to talk about but also uncomfortable to admit. The very things that often make us as human beings, new believers and even seasoned Christians question our purpose, our worth and even if we’re disqualified. I hope you’ll join me and share with others that may feel lost, confused and possibly unloved to read along as well.

Until Tomorrow – Jess

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