Guest Post: Dying to Wake

For as long as I could remember I’ve heard ” Jess, you should write a book about that” or “your life could be a movie”. As exciting as it is to hear someone find worth in your writing, it is scary as hell to to put it out for the judgment of the world. Yet, I still find it somewhat therapeutic to get it out there – to try and make a difference, and withstand whatever may come my way for my choices.

Today, I was featured as a guest post on Dina’s Blog A Plucky Procrastinator, for her Mental Health Monday…if your thinking the same thing my husband is… its a great place to be…haha.  However, this post is for more a serious nature – it covers mental child abuse, abortion and suicide. A very grateful and heartfelt thank you goes to Dina for her support both in myself and this post. 

In my story Dying to Wake I share a very personal part of my life, in a home where manipulation, embarrassment and mental instability ruled. Being only 16, I did what I thought was necessary and have learned lessons from all choices. While Abortion is a heavy subject (and not something I condone or believe in) and not one that I have shared with many people, I felt inclined to join Dina on her very personal endeavor to shine a light on suicide, both the survivors of loved ones lost, and those contemplating that can still be saved. So, with one word in print after the other – I wrote and I am prepared to share.

Take a minute, read it – and see if you take anything away from it to apply to your life. Especially as a parent – how not to treat your children – how not to parent – how not to be as a person in general. OR, maybe life is especially hard for you now and during the holidays – maybe this will help you to see that giving up – isn’t giving anything.

As painful as it is to share, if it makes one person re-think their life, one person re-think how they treat their child – its worth it.

See you next blog~ Jess<3



About Totally Jessifiable

This blog contains all the inner workings of me - the good the bad and the ugly. Although a majority of it is Step-Mom related since that is my current state of parenting along with my own children. There will be times of regress, moments of my childhood, good and bad that created the parent I am today - and there will be moments of utter happiness because I have made it through hell and back. This blog is real, it will hopefully make you angry, it will make you cry, it will make you laugh so hard you may pee your pants - its suppose to create a feeling within you - and I hope it does.

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