My Sandcastle

As you sleep beside me, your precious face, and hands, your quiet breathing, and tan little arms, remind me how lucky I am for this last chance to love someone so small. I never thought I would get the chance to mother another a child, to care for, to love, to teach new things to, to protect. 

“When the ocean sprays upon the sandy shore, it takes all the tiny little grains and molds them in time, in place, and   solidifies that footprint, that devotion of love, that beautiful sand castle. Yet, if you build it, or write it too close, the waves will wipe it clear, as if it never existed. Be free to create, to devote and to write, but do so above the shoreline.”

Maybe this is how I see this sleeping prince beside me – I have to keep my emotions, my insecurities, my beautiful Sand castle, safe, and above the shoreline. 

Maybe this is just rambling…my heart is sad today…

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